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Installing Gnome desktop on CentOS running in Windows Azure VM

I recently tried to setup Gnome Desktop on CentOS 6.3 running in a Windows Azure virtual machine. It turned out to be a bit harder than expected so I thought I will document this for other who may attempt to … Continue reading

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Deploying SharePoint 2013 to Windows Azure Virtual Machines

Here is a comparison for SharePoint Enterprise and SharePoint Online. If you are looking for any features that are only available in SharePoint enterprise and need to deploy a solution out of your data center or close to your customers … Continue reading

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SQL Server in Azure Virtual Machine Cookbook

If you are evaluating Windows Azure Virtual Machine and planning on installing SQL Server in the virtual machine you should review this handy cookbook. There is forum dedicated to answering questions related to installing SQL Server in an Azure … Continue reading

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Windows Azure IAAS Resources

Official name of Windows Azure IAAS offering is Windows Azure Virtual Machines(VM). This feature is still in preview mode and is expected to become generally available later this year. I will use this blog post to provide a list of … Continue reading

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Server Software Support for Virtual Machines

With the introduction of Windows Azure Virtual Machines on June 7th questions about support comes up very often. The following article provides details about which Server Software created by Microsoft is supported to run on Azure Virtual Machines. There … Continue reading

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