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Taking new Azure High Performance Gateway for a Test Drive

Overview In the past month Azure platform has announced many improvements to their networking services. One of the improvement that was announced was a release of High Performance network gateway. You can read about High Performance Network Gateway here: … Continue reading

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DNS issue while setting Active Directory in Azure Virtual Network

I was recently setting up active directory in an Azure Virtual Network and I ran into an issue related to DNS. MSDN has the following documentation about setting up Active Directory in Azure Virtual Network. Guidelines for deploying Active Directory … Continue reading

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Creating DMZ in Azure Part II

More than one year ago I had written a blog post about Setting up a DMZ in Azure. At that time Azure networking did not have features necessary to implement a DMZ. At Tech Ed Barcelona there were many significant … Continue reading

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Azure Cross platform Command Line Tools on Mac OSX

Windows Azure cross platform command line tools are a great way to manage your Azure infrastructure. These tools were developed in Node.JS. These tools can be used on Windows, MAC and Linux. However primary audience for these is MAC and … Continue reading

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Installing Gnome desktop on CentOS running in Windows Azure VM

I recently tried to setup Gnome Desktop on CentOS 6.3 running in a Windows Azure virtual machine. It turned out to be a bit harder than expected so I thought I will document this for other who may attempt to … Continue reading

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