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NLog Target for Azure ServiceBus Event Hub

NLog is a popular open source logging framework for .Net applications. It writes to various destinations via Target. It has a large number of Targets available available. I created a NLog Target that can send message to Azure ServiceBus EventHub. … Continue reading

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Bloggers Guide to Azure Event Hub

I love Integration/Middleware space. In the spring of 2004 I was working on a large implementation for a client. We had to integrate externally, internally with a large number of systems and we also had a need for long running … Continue reading

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Azure Usage monitoring with Azure Automation

When you purchase an Azure subscription it comes with usage caps for various resources. As an example the usage cap for number of cores is 20. You can call use Azure Support and open a free billing support case to … Continue reading

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Taking new Azure High Performance Gateway for a Test Drive

Overview In the past month Azure platform has announced many improvements to their networking services. One of the improvement that was announced was a release of High Performance network gateway. You can read about High Performance Network Gateway here: … Continue reading

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DNS issue while setting Active Directory in Azure Virtual Network

I was recently setting up active directory in an Azure Virtual Network and I ran into an issue related to DNS. MSDN has the following documentation about setting up Active Directory in Azure Virtual Network. Guidelines for deploying Active Directory … Continue reading

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