ESB Toolkit Install Hangs

I was setting up yet another VPC image for ESB Toolkit 2.0.  My operating system was Windows 2008 Enterprise. BizTalk Version was 2009 Enterprise and SQL Server was 2008. I configured BizTalk without any problems.

Next I wanted to install BizTalk Adapter Pack 2.0.

While trying to install WCF LOB Adapter SDK that is a requirement for the BizTalk Adapter Pack 2.0 my install would hang with a message:

“Please wait while installer finishes determining your disk space requirements”.

The following blog post has a fix for this issue.

msiexec.exe -package MyPackage.msi -qr

I installed all the pre-reqs for ESB Toolkit. While doing the ESB core Install I got the same error. I was able to fix it with msiexec command shown above.

I don’t know why this error occurrs but at least we have a work around for it.

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