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How to upgrade Azure DS Series VM to GS Series VM

Azure GS Series VM released on September 2nd 2015. G Series VM’s were released earlier this year. GS Series added ability to use SSD backed premium storage to the largest/fastest virtual machines on Azure platform. You can read more about … Continue reading

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DNS issue while setting Active Directory in Azure Virtual Network

I was recently setting up active directory in an Azure Virtual Network and I ran into an issue related to DNS. MSDN has the following documentation about setting up Active Directory in Azure Virtual Network. Guidelines for deploying Active Directory … Continue reading

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Installing Gnome desktop on CentOS running in Windows Azure VM

I recently tried to setup Gnome Desktop on CentOS 6.3 running in a Windows Azure virtual machine. It turned out to be a bit harder than expected so I thought I will document this for other who may attempt to … Continue reading

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Deleting orphan disks in Windows Azure

Microsoft updated Windows Azure Portal yesterday to make it easier to delete all Virtual Machines for a Cloud Service along with its associated VHD’s. Previously when you deleted virtual machines you had to manually delete the disks associated with this VHD. … Continue reading

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Copy private blobs across storage accounts

Last month Microsoft released two updates to Windows Azure PowerShell cmdlets. Read Michael Washam’s excellent post to get an overview of the April 15th updates. Read Scott Guthrie’s blog post to learn about PowerShell updates from April 29th. The … Continue reading

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