Azure Cross platform Command Line Tools on Mac OSX

Windows Azure cross platform command line tools are a great way to manage your Azure infrastructure. These tools were developed in Node.JS. These tools can be used on Windows, MAC and Linux. However primary audience for these is MAC and Linux. Most Windows users will be better off leveraging Windows Azure Powershell cmdlets.

I want to show you how simple it is to setup these tools on MAC OSX.

From the terminal window you first install brew as shown in step 1 below. You can learn more about brew here

Steps 2 and 3 update brew and verify the installation

Step 4 install node which is required for Azure tools

Step 5 installs Azure cross platform command line tools

Step 6 verifies the install of the tools and returns version 0.7.4 or higher

   1: ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL"

   2: brew update

   3: brew doctor

   4: brew install node

   5: npm install -g azure-cli

   6: azure -v


You can use azure –h to get help on all the commands that are available.

Authenticate using Certificate

The development machine will use a certificate (self-signed) to authenticate against Windows Azure Management services.

   1: $ azure account download

   2: info:    Executing command account download

   3: info:    Launching browser to

   4: help:    Save the downloaded file, then execute the command

   5: help:      account import <;file>

   6: info:    account download command OK


Copy the URL in line 3 above and paste it into browser. This will allow you to download the publishsettings file.

   1: azure account import <Path to publishsettings file>

If the import is successful you will be able to view output for the following command.

It should show you your subscription name, subscription id and current status.

   1: azure account list

You can learn more about these tools here:

The source code of cross platform is open source. You can join the community here.

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