Server Software Support for Virtual Machines

With the introduction of Windows Azure Virtual Machines on June 7th questions about support comes up very often.

The following article provides details about which Server Software created by Microsoft is supported to run on Azure Virtual Machines.

There are even more questions about third party software. Virtual Machines running in Windows Azure are 100% portable with the Virtual Machines running in Hyper-V. This is a big advantage because it enables burst to cloud scenario where you can get additional computing capacity for an application that has predictable load profile. If you are considering migrating an application from on premise virtualized environment to Windows Azure you may fall into these camps:

  1. You currently use Windows Server Hyper-V: In this case you migrate you windows server 2008 R2 virtual machines to Windows Azure without changing them.
  2. You currently use VMWare: In this case you will have to migrate your Virtual machine into Hyper-V. System Center has built in tools that will allow you to do this easily

If you have third party software on the virtual machine you need to make sure that this software will be supported. Here are a few things to consider.

  1. Software must run in 64 bit environment and on Windows Server 2008 R2 or Linux distributions supported in Windows Azure Virtual Machines.
  2. The ISV that created that software should agree to license the software for a public cloud environment and provide support

If the third party software already runs in Hyper-V it will most likely run in Windows Azure Virtual Machines. However it may not be supported and licensed to run in public cloud.

Microsoft does not support third party software so you are on your own if the ISV that created the software does not provide support.

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