Windows Azure AppFabric Caching Released

The Caching service is a distributed, in-memory, application cache service that accelerates the performance of Windows Azure and SQL Azure applications by allowing you to keep data in-memory and saving you the need to retrieve that data from storage or database.

Caching service is a key component that will help improve performance of hybrid applications and it may also save bandwidth and/or transaction charges since you will be able to access cached data without have to read it each time from its source.

We provide 6 different cache size options for you to choose from, varying from 128MB to 4GB.

There will be no charge for this service until August 1st.

Its pricing is based on size.

The prices of the different cache sizes are the following:

· 128 MB cache for $45.00/month

· 256 MB cache for $55.00/month

· 512 MB cache for $75.00/month

· 1 GB cache for $110.00month

· 2 GB cache for $180.00/month

· 4 GB cache for $325.00/month

To learn more you can read the the AppFabric Caching FAQ

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